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What to Bring With You to the LSAT

You’ve been studying for what probably feels like forever and your LSAT date is finally almost here. Knowing exactly what you can and can’t bring with you to the LSAT will help you to feel prepared and ensures everything goes smoothly.  

What you need to bring to the LSAT

LSAC gives you a list of what you need to bring with you to the LSAT. It includes two things:

  1. Page 1 of your LSAT admission ticket. Make sure to print it out ahead of time to avoid any last-minute printing issues – it can be black and white.
  2. Government-issued ID. Make sure it matches the name on your admission ticket. Note that you cannot use a social security card, SIN card, birth certificate, credit card, a photocopy of your ID, or expired ID. Check LSAC’s list for accepted forms of ID. 

What you should bring to the LSAT

There are other items that you’re allowed to bring with you to the LSAT and will help you feel a little more comfortable: 


  • A clear, plastic water bottle. Tip: stay hydrated but try to avoid drinking too much that you end up needing to go to the washroom during the test.
  • Tissues. You never know when you’ll have a runny nose. 
  • No 2. or HB pencils. Although the LSAT is now digital, you’ll want to use pencil and paper to solve logic games (LSAC provides the blank paper).
  • A house key & car key/FOB (if you drive).
  • A snack for the break. Bring something small and not messy. For example, a banana or granola bar.
  • A clear ziplock bag (the big 1 gallon size – not the sandwich size). Use this ziplock bag to store all of the above items. 

What you can’t bring to the LSAT

Basically, if it’s not on the above two lists, don’t bring it with you to the LSAT. Here’s some of the common items people want to bring, but can’t: 

  • Timers. The digital LSAT has a built-in timer, so you don’t need anything else to tell you the time. 
  • Non-analog watches. This includes beeping watches, alarm watches, calculator watches, and smart watches. They’re distracting for everyone (and you really don’t need a watch at all).
  • Electronics. Don’t bring your phone with you, not even in the building!
  • Hats and hoods. This one can be hard to remember during our cold Canadian winters but you’ll have to leave them in your car or just brave the cold. 
  • Earplugs. If you’ve gotten into the habit of studying for the LSAT with earplugs, don’t make the mistake of bringing them on the test day. 
  • Any type of bag or backpack. That’s what you have a ziplock bag for!

It’s likely that proctors will confiscate any prohibited items, but you can get kicked out of the LSAT entirely for having them. When I wrote the LSAT, someone had a phone in their pocket and had to leave. Pack your ziplock bag the night before you write the LSAT and double-check it the next morning to avoid any issues. 

If you require any accommodations for the LSAT, reach out to LSAC by phone or email as soon as you register.

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